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We are the inventors,

developers and producers

of the unique MacBook

screen Frame (Bezel) Skins!


and here’s how it all started:

Once upon a time, Sam, Precious™ CEO, decided to buy a Apple MacBook as a tool to help him work on his designs. He was thrilled about the slick design and finish of his new “perfectly crafted machine”. But there was one thing that was bothering him: the silver frame that came with the antiglare screen. He wanted a black frame like the one that comes with the traditional shiny screens, but apparently it wasn’t an option, and there wasn’t anyone offering an alternative…


“Necessity (or in a more modern key, Desire) 

is the mother of all inventions”


About Precious™ Skins


What are Precious skins?

They are decorative adhesive frames (or skins) which give a coloured glass like finish to you MacBook screen bezel. Watch the video!




High quality finish

Precious frames are made of high quality semi-rigid thin polycarbonate plastic. The back of the transparent polycarbonate is coloured with serigraphic screen printing technology, which gives the frame a high quality look, similar to that of coloured glass.


Made in Italy

Precious Skins are 100 % Italian: designed, developed and produced in Milan.


Easy to install

The semi-rigid, non elastic quality of the polycarbonate plastic make the instalment dead easy and hard to get wrong. It’s allot easier than put one of those screen protectors or PVC skins on. If you get it wrong you can peel it off and start again without the risking of it deforming.


Easily Removable

Our skins are repositionable, and won't leave any residue when you choose to remove them.


Do they work on shiny screens?

Precious frames have been designed with anti-glare MacBook screen frames in mind; more specifically for those people who have always wanted a smart black bezel on their anti-glare (WHAT A CONTRAST!) instead of the factory silver version. Having said this, they look just as good on shiny screens. Just don’t get the black if you have a traditional shiny screen, because you won’t see the black on black!


Thank you and STAY PRECIOUS!

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